Tire Mounting and Balancing Service
Using Modern Hunter Engineering Equipment

SPS offers tire mounting and balancing service for our customers. Your tires are mounted by our expert staff (usually SPS's owner Dave Whitworth) who have years of experience mounting THOUSANDS of performance, low profile, stiff sidewall tires without damaging lightweight fragile rims. We are used to flipping tires on the rim to even wear and mounting R compound tires or slicks without asking "why are you mounting bald tires"

Additionally, we offer the most convenient options for getting your work done. Appointments are generally available from 9am-8pm Monday-Friday and often on weekends. When we make an appointment, you are the only tire customer at that time so no extra waiting. For your planning purposes, mounting and balancing 4 tires takes about 45-60 minutes. You can also drop off your tires with us and pick them up no later than the next day and often in a few hours. Please call us at 636-343-5095 or email at [email protected] to make an appointment or verify drop off times.

  • Great, simple, a La Carte Pricing. Only pay for what you need.
  • Service by Appointment (while you wait) or drop off and pick up 24 hours later.
  • Evening (until 8pm) and Weekend appointments available.
  • Modern Hunter (tm) Touchless Tire Changing Equipment.

Call 636-343-5095, use live chat, or email [email protected] today to make your appointment!

Are you buying tires from The Tire Rack, Discount Tire Direct or TireBuyer.com for us to mount? We are recommended installers for all these companies which ship your tires direct to us and we install!  

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2019 Pricing

Mount Tire
Dismount Tire
Balance Tire$9.00ea
Hunter Road Force Balance Tire

Dispose of your old tires
Rubber Valve Stem
Metal Valve Stem

Package Deals

Dismount, Mount and balance 2 tires (includes disposal of old tires)
Dismount, Mount and balance 4 tires (includes disposal of old tires)

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