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SPS is a recommended installer for The Tire Rack .  The Tire Rack is one of the largest independent tire sellers in the country and the source for many of your favorite street and race tires.   They have a huge stock of tires, offer quick shipping and tons of expertise.

As a bonus, they are the supporters of many of your favorite motorsports series and drivers schools like the SCCA National Solo series.

When you buy your tires through us, you support multiple businesses that support your racing passion and save up to $36 on our Tire Services!

Yes, that is right.  When we mount your new tires purchased through us from the Tire Rack, we will balance them for free!   This is a $9 per tire savings!

Two Ways to Order!

1)  Order Through Tire Rack
  • Find the tires you want at Tire Rack and put them in your cart.
  • Select SPS as your recommended installer.  This will have the tires shipped directly to us.
  • When your tires arrive, we will contact you to set up an appointment for installation.

2)  Purchase Through SPS

  • Surf over to The Tire Rack (www.tirerack.com) and find your tires.
  • Call us at 636-343-5095 or email sales@soloperformance.com with the following info from Tire Rack:
    • Make and size of tire
    • Price
    • Make sure the tires you want are in stock!
  • We will take your order, process the payment, and order the tires from The Tire Rack.  Tires must be shipped to SPS.
  • When they arrive, we contact you to make an appointment to get them mounted
  • Tires ordered from SPS receive free balancing.