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Wireless Auto Cross Timing Package

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Wireless Auto Cross Timing Package
Part Number: FT-AXPKG

The Farmtek Wireless Timing system is quickly becoming the standard for SCCA, NASA, PCA, BMW (and all other club) autocross and time trial events. Quick, simple setup with minimum hassle.

Solo Performance is the leading source for Farmtek systems and expertise. Our managing partner, Dave Whitworth, has over 20 years of experience organizing all aspects of autocross and time trial events, including working with all types of computerized timing systems in fast paced T&S environments such the SCCA national tours, Pro Solo and the SCCA Solo Nationals.

Contact us for any questions or just for general advice on your new system.

NEW:  All Timing Packages purchased from SPS include a FREE Magnetic Omni Directional Antenna AND USB Computer Cable

Wireless convenience

  • No cables to connect to the electric eyes.
  • No power connections to the electric eyes or the timing console.
  • Set up and tear down in just minutes. All equipment, including the tripods, fits inside a custom made carrying case.
  • Standard system has approximately 200-300ft of range between the console and start or finish lines.   This can be reduced by obstacles in between and the console being inside a trailer or vehicle.   For the best results, we recommend adding the optional Omni directional console side antenna which gets the antenna further off the ground, and outside the timing vehicle.   
  • Adding the directional Yaggi style antennas on either the start and or finish lines adds considerably to the range, typically allowing 500-600 feet or more.
  • Remember, these distances aren't the total size of your site, but rather between the console and the eyes.   A typical autocross site would have the T&S vehicle fairly close to the start line and further away from the finish, so you may only need one directional antenna.  Even on a large site (like Lincoln for the Solo Nationals), the T&S vehicle ends up centered between the start and finish lines, each within several hundred feet of the console.

Long range, through-beam, wireless electric eyes

  • Very easy to align - just roughly eyeball the alignment.
  • No vehicle color or reflectivity issues as with retro-reflective sensors.
  • With a 200 foot optical range between the pair, the electric eyes can be placed well off the course to reduce the chance of getting hit by a vehicle.   
  • With over 25 years of photo-sensor design experience, we custom engineered our electric eyes for the tough accuracy requirements, lighting conditions, and range requirements of sport timing applications.

Full featured timing

  • Time up to seven vehicles at once (autocross mode).
  • Time up to 99 consecutive laps and recall the times later (lap mode).
  • Hands free operation – no need to reset or clear the timer between runs.  Also has manual start, stop and reset start and reset finish functions to facilitate T&S issue corrections without re-runs!
  • Additional electric eyes can be added to record split times.
  • Spectator displays are available separately.
  • Can interface with popular software packages for record keeping - USB cable included FREE with package purchase!
  • Can drive some other brands of spectator displays (scoreboards) – contact us for details.
  • Autocross Users: For more information, click here to read the autocross user's manual.

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