TrackData Checklist and Form Reference Book by Craig Pearce

TrackData Checklist and Form Reference Book by Craig Pearce

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TrackData.....a simple guide to race car prep forms, logs and checklists takes over where all other lists have fallen short. Every driver has a checklist, but TrackData has them all !

This book is designed to give you forms to copy and use in your racing program!

Have you ever run out of gas on the second lap of practice? Did you arrive at the track only to discover you left your drivers suit hanging in the hall closet? What happens when you forget about those pesky little hood pins?? Admit it, we've all "been there and forgot that" TrackData can help !

TrackData was written to help you with your racecar preparation, providing you with easy to use and modify prep lists, and create a convenient place to store all your race data, chassis set-up sheets, lap times, and race day data. Generic lists, not specific to any car, but geared to sports car road racing

Pick and choose the forms you want to use. TrackData (Road Racing Edition) 8.5" X 11.5" lay flat format includes basic to advanced pre-race prep lists, engine, transmission, rear gear logs, tire usage logs, pre-grid and grid checklists, debriefing reports, drivers gear checklist, tow vehicle and trailer checklist, timing sheets and much more.

From Novice to National, from Basic to Advanced, TrackData helps you do it right. Leave nothing to chance when preparing your racer for the track !!

Sports car road racers from twenty countries and 42 states have ordered TrackData to help them in their racing program.Maybe you've been looking for a little edge in your racing prep too!! If you race in SCCA, HSR, SVRA, NASA, PCOA, EMRA, POC, BMWCCA, or other Marque club events or participate in Track Days, this book can help.

Check out our eBay feedback. Our customers say it best: ...."Just what I was looking for, Thanks!! ", ...."your book is great and the best $10 I've spent in the sport!" ...."Excellent book, good communication, Fast shipment" ...."Even better than expected".

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