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The Stainless Steel Carrot - By Sylvia Wilkinson

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The Stainless Steel Carrot - By Sylvia Wilkinson
Part Number: BK-SSCARROT
In this Revisited Edition of the classic motor racing book, author Sylvia Wilkinson has added a new 45-page chapter catching up with many of the people who made the BRE team successful and the book so compelling, including John Morton, the team’s number one driver, who went on to race professionally for now close to 40 years.

This new 368 page edition includes 32 gloss pages and more than 150 photos — many in color. Numerous photographers have contributed to cover the subject well, though the author and publisher would especially like to thank Stan Sholik for his contribution of photos capturing the BRE team of the early 70’s and the career of John Morton for ensuing years.

The Stainless Steel Carrot, a chronicle of John Morton’s days as an up-and-coming racer in 1971 and 1972, tells not just Morton’s story, but the story of all race car drivers: talent, ambition, perseverance, luck, and a little bit of rain can change the course of history for anyone.

"Sylvia Wilkinson’s brilliant book is as relevant now as it was when it was first published in 1973, and it should be read by aspiring racers as well as all readers who love a captivating story.” Garth Stein, Author, The Art of Racing in the Rain.

Royalties from the sale of this book will go to animal and environment groups, and wildlife funds. The author, and the publisher, are grateful to the photographers and other contributors who made this quality book possible.

Hardcover 6x9 inch, 368 pgs with 32 pgs of coated paper featuring more than 150 photos—many in color.

ISBN 978-1-888978-15-5
List Price US $46.00.

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