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Solotime Permanent Vinyl Numbers and Letters

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Solotime Permanent Vinyl Numbers and Letters
Part Number: SOL-PS



Do you just need race car numbers that stay on the car permanently?  Would you like to put a sponsor's name on your car? How about adding lettering on your windshield? Or, maybe extra large numbers on the side of your car? You tell us the special lettering, numbers, or names that you need and we'll do the rest!
Pre Spaced Lettering Direct Apply - These vinyl letters have an adhesive backing and come in a multitude of standard colors, styles, and fonts.  There is no background, just the die cut letter/number.
All custom lettering is professionally spaced and mounted on a handy application tape.
This allows you to apply all the lettering at once, perfectly aligned.
Pre-spaced lettering is semi-permanent. It can be removed with care using a hot hair dryer to soften the adhesive.
Please note, our cart will not calculate the number of digits required from your entry. You need to manually enter the number of digits in the Qty box. Example: John Public = 10 digits, spaces do not count)

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