Solotime 10 Inch Outline Reusable Vinyl Letter/Number

Solotime 10 Inch Outline Reusable Vinyl Letter/Number

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-10 inch individually die cut reusable vinyl number/letter with a outline effect.
-Individually die cut with no background.
-For numbers on a background, please order our LeMans/Meatball Style Panel Numbers.
  • -Numbers are sold individually.  If you need numbers for both sides of your car, please order a quantity of "2".
  • -To order multiple numbers/letters (Example CSP for both sides of car), you would start by adding a quantity of 2 "C" in your chosen font and color to the cart, then click "Continue Shopping" and add 2 "S" in your chosen font and color to the cart.   Repeat as needed.

  • If you need numbers and letters, we have convenient number and letter packages.

SOLOTIME reusable vinyl products allow you to apply temporary numbers to your car and re-use them event after event. The extra thick material helps prevent tearing or stretching the numbers when they are removed. The low tack adhesive numbers come on a paper backing that allows you to store them between events.

This material is perfect for high speed events, or for plastic, fiberglass or aluminum panelled cars that cannot use magnetic material.

Special Note: As with any sticky product, if the paint on the vehicle is not sound, damage may occur when removing these numbers.

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