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SPS 5 Gallon Utility/Fuel Jug
SPS 5 Gallon Utility/Fuel Jug

SPS 5 Gallon Utility Jug

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SPS 5 Gallon Utility Jug
Part Number: SCR-2000


Features unique to our utility jugs include the Square design eliminating unusable spaces around the jug. They mate naturally and fit flush against walls and other flat surfaces.

All jugs are manufactured from tough LLDPE polyethylene using our rotational molding process makes them the toughest around.

The extra heavy duty top features our unique, polyethylene gasket, with a larger and wider gasket seat and, unlike o - rings, there is no swelling and falling out after a month of use.
Red Jugs are not for sale in the state of California. 

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