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SPARCO Evo 2 Plus FIA Rated Seat

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SPARCO Evo 2 Plus FIA Rated Seat
Part Number: SPA-00866
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Sparco did a great thing when they took their fantastic EVO seat, made it wider to accomodate wider drivers, and dubbed it the EVO 2. Overnight success! But what about those folks who aren't just wider--they're also taller? The EVO 2 Plus fixes this! Featuring the same seat widths as the EVO 2, the EVO 2 Plus is a taller seat. This is important for taller drivers because it puts the shoulder harness holes in a more appropriate position--at the top of their shouders instead of behind their back.

Like the other EVO seats, the EVO 2 Plus come standard with a fiberglass body and exclusively uses sidemount brackets.

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