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DL1 and DASH3Lite Package Deal
DL1 and DASH3Lite Package Deal

Race Technology DL1 and DASH3Lite Package Deal

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Race Technology DL1 and DASH3Liite Package Deal
Part Number: RT-PKG-DL1D3L

The DL1 and DASH3lite package deal combines two of our most versatile products together with a memory card and reader to get you started, all at an unbeatable price.


The package includes:

  • DL1 data logger
  • DASH3lite display
  • 512MB Compact Flash card
  • USB 2.0 card reader
  • Race Technology software CD


The DL1 is a highly flexible, powerful data logging system. Featuring an integrated, high accuracy, 5Hz GPS receiver, with data logging directly to compact flash. It is ideally suited to auto sport applications as well as bikes, boats and industrial/professional applications.

The DASH3lite is a lightweight and compact lap timing display, with a custom backlit LCD screen, 6 fully configurable shiftlights, and an ABS enclosure. With a configurable graphics display, variables can be monitored as values, bar charts and graphs. 

When the DASH3lite is connected to the DL1, the GPS data from the DL1 is used to calculate lap and sector times. Using high accuracy GPS means no trackside beacons are required, and multiple split times can be set at the touch of a button. The DASH3lite and DL1 combo has powerful lap timing features including lap recall, predictive lap times, delta lap times and multiple split times. The actual data that the DASH3lite displays, and the format in which it displays it, can all be configured from a PC to the user's exact requirements.

A 512MB compact flash card and USB 2.0 card reader are included in the package to get you started logging and transferring data. A 512MB card, as a guide, when used with the DL1 this card will provide logging capacity sufficient for all channels for approximately 20 hours. The card reader is suitable for use with a laptop or desktop PC. No drivers required for 2000/ME/XP/Vista, simply plug it in and any inserted compact flash card will appear as an additional drive on your machine.

For more detailed information on the DL1 and DASH3lite please visit their dedicated product pages.

Please note: DASH3lite and DL1s bought as a package deal are sold as a package and as such their compatibility is locked together. Attempting to split the package will result in compatibility issues.

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