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Race Technology Dash3 Display
Race Technology Dash3 Display

Race Technology DASH 3 Display

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Dash 3 DIsplay Uniit
Part Number: RT-DASH3

The DASH3 comes in 2 versions, the DASH3 and the DASH3lite. This is the Dash3.

  • The DASH3lite is designed primarily as a lap time display, but also displays speed and has the configurable shift lights.
  • The standard DASH3 has all the features of the DASH3lite, but in addition can be configured to display almost any combination of numerical displays, graphs and bar charts of any variable and also display warning etc. This makes it a very flexible solution to all of your data displaying needs. It is listed separately.

The DASH3 is a data and lap time display that is designed to work with Race Technology's range of data logging products. It is the smallest display in our range and can be used to provide either supplementary information alongside other instruments, or as the primary source of information in some race applications.

Physically, the DASH3 is housed in a small injection moulded case and is controlled by a sealed membrane keypad. The display is a custom made graphics panel which has been designed to be clear and readable from almost any angle and under any lighting conditions.

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