Numbers and Letters: I need help selecting what size will work best

What size numbers and letters do I need?

In general, a 6 inch tall number is fairly small, and a 12 inch is VERY large on almost all cars.   8 and 10 inch are the most popular for most amatuer autocross and track events.

It is not always required in rules, but class letters should generally be smaller than the car numbers they are next to.   For example, 4 or 5 inch  letters next to a 8 or 10 inch number.

Using the same size number and letter makes it hard to read while the car is at speed.  We do not recommend using the same size class letters and car numbers.

Individually Cut Numbers and Letters with no background

Our numbers 6 inches and above are sized exactly.  E.G. an 8 inch number is 8 inches tall.

4 and 5 inch numbers and letters are sized “ nominally” and will be slightly (¼”) less than the stated height in order to accommodate letters being stacked on top of each other and being the same height as a number.  For example, you can stack two 4 inch letters next to an 8 inch number and they end up the same height.

Even though our 4 inch letters are typically 3 ¾” tall, to our knowledge in over 25 years of use, they have not failed tech inspection at an SCCA National event.  

Panel/Meatball Numbers and Letters on a Background

The sizes listed in our panel/meatball numbers refer to the size of the number inside the panel, not the size of the panel itself.

Please click to check out our panel size chart for an approximate overall size of your number.

Autocross Number/Letter Sizing

SCCA Solo requires 8” tall numbers and 4” tall class letters and for numbers and letters to be on both sides of the car.    

Many autocross clubs use these requirements and they are a good starting point.

Track Day and Road Racing Number/Letter Sizing

Most non timed track day, PDX and HPDE type events will not have a size requirement.    4,5 and 6 inch numbers work well on windshields and side windows.

SCCA Road Racing (wheel to wheel) requires 8 inch tall numbers on both sides of the car and the front.   They require 4 inch class letters on both sides.    Numbers and class letters are recommended, but not required on the back of the car

NASA Road Racing (wheel to wheel) requires 10 inch tall numbers and 3 inch class letters on both sides, front and back of the car.