Numbers and Letters: I need help selecting what material will work best

We offer 4 materials for our numbers, letters and panel numbers: Magnetic, Reusable Vinyl, Permanent Vinyl and Static Cling. They are designed for use on different types of cars and for different kinds of use

   Magnetic Material (Click to show magnetic products)

Magnetic material is the most durable removable product we sell. It works well for application on ferrous bodies cars at speeds generally below 70 MPH. It can be used for higher speeds, but may have a tendancy to blow off.



-Lasts decades.

-Easy to clean


-Can lose flexibility in cold weather (should be put on hood in sunlight to wamr up when using at events under 45 degrees)

-Limited to approximately 70mph. If using at speeds higher than this, it is recomended to apply a small piece of tape to the leading edge to avoid blowing off.

-Does not adhere to non ferrous cars (Corvette, Lotus)

Reusable Vinyl Material (Click to Show Reusable Vinyl Products)

SOLOTIME reusable vinyl products allow you to apply temporary numbers to your car and reuse them event after event. The material is extra thick (about 8-12mils, compared to 2-3 for a regular decal)which helps prevent tearing or stretching the numbers when they are removed.

The low tack adhesive numbers come on a paper backing that allows you to store them between events.


-Adheres to any smooth surface (including windows)

-Will stay on at any speed.

-Works in any temperature.


-Must be put back on backing paper in between uses.

-Must be put on a clean car and adhesive must be kept clean.

-Typical users get between 6-18 uses.

Click to view Reusable Vinyl Installation Instructions

 Permanent Vinyl Material (Click to show Permanent Vinyl Products)

"Permanent" vinyl material is your typical material that ny pre made decal or sticker would be made with. It can be removed, but will be destroyed in the process of removal.The permanent vinyl is high quality 5-7 year rated outdoor material.

Click to see the installation instructions for this material


-Very long lasting.

-Will stay on at any speed.


-Cannot be removed without destroying.

Static Cling Material (Click to show Static Cling Products)

SOLOTIME static cling products are autocross tested and work well for low speed events. These products cling to most smooth surfaces, such as fiberglass, plastic, steel, or aluminum. They even cling to glass!

Each reusable static cling number or letter comes with a special paper backing that keeps them ready for the next autocross event. Special Note: Please test these numbers on your vehicle before you use them at a racing event.

Unlike strong magnets or adhesives, static cling products may blow off your vehicle during unusual racing or weather conditions. We recommend that you order extra numbers as a precaution.



-Works on any smooth surface


-Must be applied very carefully.

-Comes in white only and is not available as a base for panel/meatball numbers.

-May come off during wet events.

Click for the static cling installation instructions.