Solo Performance Specialties
The following fonts or typestyles are available for Magnetic, Reusable Vinyl and Static Cling numbers and letters.
          Block                      B        BO    BT      B3        BS    BSO    BST   BS3


                                                                                             BL  BLO  BLT
         Curved                       C      CO     CT     C3         CS    CSO  CST  CS3
                                                                                            CL   CLO  CLT
        Clear Face                       F       FO
        Script                             S     SO
         Neon                             N    NO
            EuroRacer                                  E         EO
            Knockout                                  K          KO
             Racer                                      R       RO

Standard Colors

Dark Red
Cardinal Red
Medium Orange
Royal Blue
Bright Yellow
Matte Gold
Satin Silver

Deluxe Colors

Sapphire Blue
Olympic Blue
Dark Violet
Kelly Green

Neon Colors

Neon Pink
Neon Orange
Neon Yellow
Neon Green

Note: Colors are approximate renditions only due to variances in display qualities.

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