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Limerock Metal Track Map Wall Art

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Limerock Metal Track Map Wall Art
Part Number: PTK-TM-LIME


Famous Race Tracks Wall Art

Race Track maps of all of your favorite tracks! Hang them in your shop next to your track car, above your bar or on your desk at work. Great for trophies for your racing organization, as gifts for that racing fan or whatever you can imagine! (Christmas tree ornaments coming soon!)

We have 3 different sizes available, 4 inch, 8 inch and 12 inch. Larger tracks available via special order.

Measurements are maximum sizes. Some slight size variations can occur due to track shapes.

Many tracks have alternate configurations. If you would like an alternative track layout, please let us know (ex. Road America w/the Bend, VIR Grand or Patriot, Topeka Runoffs course)

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