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I/O Port Racing Roll Bar Camera Mount
I/O Port Racing Roll Bar Camera Mount

I/O Port Racing Roll Bar Camera Mount

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I/O Port Racing Roll Bar Camera Mount
Part Number: IO-CM

I/O Port's innovative Video Camera Mount quickly won nation-wide acclaim. Use this mount to improve driving skill and strategy, time sections of track, view your race with family and friends, and document rule infractions. This sturdy mount features a special polyurethane bushing to help eliminate the high-frequency vibrations found in the race environment.

The camera mount is offered in two sizes: 1" for harness guide bars, and 1" to 2" for roll bars and cages. No drilling or welding required, the mount clamps onto your bar with the provided hardware. It has complete 3-axis adjustment that allows you to aim the camera precisely, regardless of position on the roll cage.

Our mount comes with instructions, tips on achieving a good video, and a 1" wide Security Strap for added safety and to further dampen vibrations. The mount, installed with the security strap according to instructions, has met the approval of most sanctioning bodies for wheel-to-wheel racing. Our Security Strap is also available separately.

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