How to Make Your Car Handle
How to Make Your Car Handle

How to Make Your Car Handle

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To make your car handle, design a suspension system, or just learn about chassis, you'll find what you need here. Basis suspension theory is thoroughly covered: roll center, roll axis, camber change, bump steer, anti-dive, ride rate, ride balance and more.

How to choose, install, and modify suspensions and suspension hardware for best handling; springs, sway bars, shock absorbers, bushings, tires, and wheels. Regardless of the basic layout of your car -- front engine/rear drive, front engine/front drive, or rear engine/rear drive -- it is covered here.

Aerodynamic hardware and body modifications for reduced drag, high-speed stability and increased cornering power; spoilers, air dams, wings and ground-effects devices. How to modify and set up brakes for maximum stopping power and handling.

The most complete source of handling information available. ``Suspension Secrets" explained in plain, understandable language so you can be the expert.

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