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How to Autocross
How to Autocross

How to Autocross by Andrew Howe

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How to Autocross by Andrew Howe
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How to Autocross
by Andrew Howe
Autocross is the most accessible form of motorsports for the sports car enthusiast. With many clubs sanctioning events, it is possible to attend an event nearly every weekend in many areas. The low-risk format allows drivers to participate without needing to extensively modify their car for safety. Autocross events are held all across the United States and Canada. These events allow the average person to participate with their typical street cars. Because of the nature of the sport, drivers of many different skill levels and goals participate together. Casual drivers out for a good time and serious competitors with loads of talent can run in the same event and all have fun.

How to Autocross
covers everything you need to know to get behind the wheel and start autocrossing. It covers basic modifications such as tire pressures, alignment, and dampers, to more advanced modifications that go beyond the stock classes. Because autocross is a test of driver skill, there is a heavy emphasis on driving and car control, with coverage on accelerating, braking, weight transfer, shifting, corners, slaloms, and finding that perfect line. Information is also included on car classes, driver schools, data logging, how events are typically run, and how to find events in your area.

If you would like to start racing on a budget, and want to have a blast on weekends showing off your car and your driving skills, How to Autocross is a great guide to get you started!

8.5 x 11"
144 pages
355 color photos
ISBN 10: 1932494839
ISBN 13: 9781932494839 

Price: $24.95

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