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Chatterbox Tandem Duo Student Headset

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Chatterbox Tandem Duo Student Headset
Part Number: CB-TP2SRHS

Chatterbox Student Racing Headset- for use with the Chatterbox Tandem Pro 2 communicator. Headset slides into helmet and is not mounting permanently, allowing the headset to be transfered from helmet to helmet easily.

The student racing headset was developed specifically for driving clinics that deals with instructor-to-student communications. The driving schools needed communication system without the hassle of equipping every student's helmet with a microphone and speakers. Chatterbox solution....the Student Racing Headset. It has one speaker and a boom-mic that you can quickly place in the helmet with hassle free installation.

PLEASE NOTE:  To use this headset with an older (Purchased 2012 or earlier) HJC-50 Tandem Pro Communicator, you need this 6 pin adapter.

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