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CG-LOCK Occupant Stability Belt
CG-LOCK Occupant Stability Belt


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Your Price: $54.95
Retail Price:$59.95
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Part Number: CG-LOCK
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Safety Compliance Statements
How Does It Work?
***** AS OF 8-20-20 - OUT OF STOCK FOR AT LEAST 90-180 DAYS!!!!!*******************

Prevents sliding in your seat, increasing driver performance - even through the most demanding cornering, braking and terrain-dictated maneuvers.
Eliminates the need to "hang on" or "brace" yourself, keeping hands and feet dedicated to driving. As a result, fatigue and distractions are reduced, vehicle feedback increased, and reaction time dramatically improved - all resulting in faster course times.
After a price of only $59.95 and a 30-second installation, the CG-Lock delivers about 80% of a full racing harness's "holding power" while leaving your arms and upper body unrestrained for maximum movement.
The CG-Lock is not a safety device and is not intended to encourage or compensate for reckless, illegal or inappropriate driving.
Read all safety information before using.

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