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Braum Racing Venom Black-Red Fabric/Mesh Reclining Seats-Red Stitch-PAIR

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Braum Racing Venom Black-Red Fabric/Mesh Reclining Seats-Red Stitch-PAIR
Part Number: BRM-BRR7-BKRD

The ADVAN series racing seats are designed for those who like to have their cake and eat it too. With the ADVAN series seats you don’t have to choose between practicality and performance. Like the rest of the BRAUM lineup, the ADVAN series seats offer street-friendly features like an easy to adjust, handle-type reclining mechanism, as well as easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing leatherette. All this in a track-friendly package, with features like strategically-placed anti-slip fabric and high thigh bolsters—the most aggressive in our lineup. Like the other seats in BRAUM’s lineup, the ADVAN series seats are also made with high strength steel tubular frames wrapped in our proprietary heat-and-pressure sensitive injection-molded foam for a one-of-a-kind fit and unmatched comfort. The result is a seat with all the benefits of a seat made for the street—the looks, durability, and ease of maintenance of leatherette and the convenience of a reclining mechanism—as well as the benefits of a track-oriented seat, like high-friction jacquard fabric for high-contact areas (back and legs) and aggressive bolstering. The ADVAN series seats are track ready without requiring track exclusivity, still allowing for effortless ingress and egress.


-Strong, lightweight steel tubular frame
-Injection molded foam
-Choose from leatherette or leatherette/jacquard fabric combo
-Handle-type reclining mechanism
-Faux carbon fiber fabric backing
-Bottom mount style (will need vehicle-specific seat brackets)
-Comes with two seats and dual lock sliders for front-back adjustment
-23 lbs. (without bracket or sliders)
-Fits up to 38” waist
-Limited Lifetime Warranty

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