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Braum Racing SFI 5 Point Racing Harness Black

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Part Number: BRM-BRH-BKS5

The up-and-coming innovator of racing equipment, BRAUM ®, is proud to present SFI and FIA approved racing harnesses. If you plan to participate in any form of motorsports, these harnesses are a must. They lock you firmly in place during hard cornering, keeping you where you want to be—in your seat—throughout a variety of situations, including rollover accidents. This is especially crucial for those with roll bars or roll cages. Factory three point seat belts are designed to allow drivers and passengers to move around easily, even during accidents.

In addition to increased safety, harnesses have another notable benefit: aesthetics. Adding a set of racing harnesses in your vehicle gives it a race-inspired look that clearly indicates how serious you are about motorsports. The thick, wide, beefy straps will show just how formidable your car is on the race track.

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