Autocross Numbers

Solotime(tm) offers an assortment of materials for your vehicle identification. No matter the type of racing or the type of car, we have a a high quality, good looking, easily removable product that will last years.  Solotime ™ numbers have been seen on the cover of 'SportsCar', 'Grassroots Motorsports' and 'North American Pylon' magazines.  We have been providing quality graphics since 1984.

The following materials are recommended for Autocross applications

 Magnetic Material (Click to show magnetic products)

All magnetic numbers are not the same. We use quality .030" thick magnetic sheet stock with a colored plastic Mylar bonded to the top surface. The corners are perfectly radiused to prevent tears and give greater durability. They are permanently magnetized to give years of use.

Magnetic material is best suited for metal panels on cars used for low speed (less than 70mph) events.

Reusable Vinyl Material (Click to Show Reusable Vinyl Products)

SOLOTIME reusable vinyl products allow you to apply temporary numbers to your car and re-use them event after event.  The extra thick material helps prevent tearing or stretching the numbers when they are removed.  The low tack adhesive numbers come on a paper backing that allows you to store them between events.

Reusable material is best for fiberglass, plastic or aluminum cars or any vehicle used in high speed events.

Special Note:  As with any sticky product, if the paint on the vehicle is not sound, damage may occur when removing these numbers.

Permanent Vinyl Material (Click to show Permanent Vinyl Products)

Permanent 4 mil thick vinyl rated for 5-7 years outdoor wear.  Not reusable.  High tack all weather adhesive.

Static Cling Material (Click to show Static Cling Products)

SOLOTIME static cling products are autocross tested and work well for low speed events.  These products cling to most smooth surfaces, such as fiberglass, plastic, steel, or aluminum.  They even cling to glass!  Each reusable static cling number or letter comes with a special paper backing that keeps them ready for the next autocross event.

Special Note:  Please test these numbers on your vehicle before you use them at a racing event.  Unlike strong magnets or adhesives, static cling products may blow off your vehicle during unusual racing or weather conditions.  We recommend that you order extra numbers as a precaution.



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