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Autocross Logbook
Autocross Logbook

Autocross Logbook

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Part Number: BK-LOGBOOK

The Autocross Logbook is designed for theautocross or solo competitor. Use it for keeping track of your vehiclesettings, race times and event information. The logbook includessections for twenty five autocross race events and allows you to recorddifferent vehicle settings for up to six runs per event.

The log book includes space to log thefollowing items:

  • Event Name
  • Date
  • Location
  • Weather
  • Vehicle Make
  • Vehicle Model
  • Tires
  • FTD (fastest time of the day)
  • PAX Ranking
  • Class Rank
  • Area for a Course Sketch
  • Front Tire Pressure (Driver & Passenger Side)
  • Rear Tire Pressure (Driver & Passenger Side)
  • Front Shock (Driver & Passenger Side)
  • Rear Shock (Driver & Passenger Side)
  • Swaybar (Front & Rear)
  • Run Time
  • Notes

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