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7" LED Scoreboard with cable

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7" LED Scoreboard with cable
Part Number: FT-SB7

This LED scoreboard uses very bright 7 inch tall LED lights to display times to your autocross or time trial participants.    Easy to read even on bright days.

Basic scoreboard comes with 50' cable to connect to Farmtek Wireless Timing System Console and requires 110V power source.

Multiple displays can be driven from one console via Y cables or multiple wireless interfaces!

Timing displays are now compatible with the output from several other brands of timing equipment. If you need to add or replace a display for timing equipment you already own, contact us for details!


-Carrying Case (Highly Recommended to avoid damage)
-Aluminum Tripod Stand
-Wireless Interface - eliminates cable from console to scoreboard!
-External Battery and Charger - Put the display ANYWHERE - no cables, extension cord or generator needed!  Operates for approximately 10-12 hours on single charge!

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