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Formula V Traction Treatment Part Number: SPS-FV
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Formula V was developed in 1982 by a dedicated, long time racer who needed a consistent, fresh, and, sticky tire to achieve traction each and every run. Also, since money was a factor in his racing he needed to use his tires to their limit, instead of replacing them every race day. Finally after years of blending and testing special ingredients on his tires, Formula V was created and his tire problems were solved.

New tires are not necessarily always fresh. Tires do not come with an "expiration date" so you have no way of knowing how long the tire you just purchased sat on the shelf.

Formula V replenishes the ingredients lost to heat cycles and the ordinary drying process.

Formula V, when used according to label directions, will enhance your tires by keeping them fresh and sticky, which assures you full usage of your tires.

You must follow the directions as listed on the bottle for assured results.

There is no Tolulene, or keytones in Formula V, and it is able to be shipped in plastic cans.  Products requiriing a metal container may have hazardous chemicals that are illegal for use in races by many sanctioning bodies.

For racing applications apply 3 coats for three consistant days minimum 24-48 hours before racing. Formula V is applied using a standard paint roller and short napped cover.
Simply pour form the container into a clean paint tray wet the brush and “paint” Formula V onto the surface of your tires.

Did you know that in the US, retailers can sell tires that have never been driven on, but are 4 or more years old as “new”.
The make up of the rubber in tires starts to dry out and essentially break down over time. Formula V can help restore the moisture back into your tires, giving you longer lasting tires and combating the aging process.

Check out this segment that ABC NEWS ran a few months ago about this virtually unknown tire danger

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